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Ergonomic Seating

Only you will know what the perfect office chair is for you – it’s such a personal decision. We spend so many hours every day sat in our chair at the workstation that personal choice of comfort and design is paramount. We are able to supply you with that choice. At Team Interiors, we have access to a great range of styles and types of seating to suit all preferences.
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Desks & Furniture

Choosing the right office furniture for your office is one of the most important decisions you will make when planning your space. Picking the perfect colours, textures and designs to make sure your office is bright, professional and spacious is of upmost important. We have years of experiencing planning the perfect office furniture to kick-start a successful office.
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Reception Area

Your front window for your office is incredibly important. It needs to display your business as the professional, modern and friendly company that it is. At Team interiors we supply all types of furniture for reception areas and waiting rooms including reception desks, reception seating and tables – all that you’ll need to supply is the magazines and the stationery!
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Home Office

The perfect home office blends your personal style preferences with an efficient use of space and budget. With the range of home office furniture that we supply, there is something to suit everyones taste and maximise the space of any shape or size room – turning any space into a beautiful, light and open space for working from home efficiently.
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Office Design

Creative, modern and stylish designs that optimise your office space are the first, and arguably most important step when planning your office and your office furniture needs. At Team Interiors, we work with you to construct the perfect space to accommodate your business’ needs – from CAD and 3D computer designs to the final implementation.
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Industry Furniture

Getting the perfect design of furniture to suit your public space, be it in a hotel, a restaurant or bar is incredibly important to maintain your business’ image. Our extensive range of leisure, education and industrial furniture is sure to give you something that slots in perfectly with your industry based needs.
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